Transportation for Seniors


Transportation Maple RidgeThe ability to drive around town and go wherever we want is a freedom most of us enjoy. We take for granted that we can get on the bus and get behind the wheel of a car to drive. But for a growing portion of the elderly population, once routine outings now present challenges. 

As we age, driving is no longer an option for many of us. Research shows that seniors who are no longer able to drive attend fewer medical appointments and actually see their friends and family less compared to drivers of the same age. 

Making the Decision Not to Drive

Physical conditions associated with aging can make safe driving no longer possible. 

A driver's license is the most widely accepted form of identification. Therefore, to give up one's drivers license not only means giving up independence and freedom of mobility, it can also result in a loss of self-esteem. For most seniors, their ability to drive serves as an essential means of preserving their identity and life-long routines. 

Our Transportation Services:

  • Transportation to appointments
  • Shopping and daily errands
  • Transportation to family events
  • And more!


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